This site is dedicated to Sean Thayne and in Helping to prevent future possible drownings in the Provo River.

We will implement ideas and actions to stop needless deaths.

We are a family that love the outdoors and nature and think that we can figure ways to keep our Utah landmarks in Provo canyon safer without taking away any of the beauty.

Sean was around water as a young man with us often and was watched as closely as possible but he could have been easily been swept away just like London.

If their is a parent who says they have never lost track of their child I think they are sadly mistaken.

Please contact us with suggestion to help make Provo Canyon River Safer at:

andr by text or phone

Troy Thayne



Sean at about age 3 or 4

I'm appreciative that the Press is trying to bring awareness and change to stop future drowning unfortunately they failed to speak of some of these changes that need immediate implementation. With 70 drowning deaths in Utah county just since the year 2000. We must take action NOW to save lives in our community.

One other thing most people don't realize is that we are putting our professional Transport Teams, Rescuers, Police, EMT, and other lives in danger every time they are called upon to save those in the water. I know as a former EMT that often the physical threats and Injuries heal much faster than the mental languish that can linger for years.

I propose the following action be taken:

1. Lowering water levels on busy holiday season​s from the Deer Creek Water Reservoir right above the falls..

2. Barricades that guard but not distract from the rivers beauty.

3. GPS coordination from popular phone apps with law enforcement, 911 operators , and rescue teams. Life360 is one of many excellent apps. Having a waterproof phones or water proof case. here is s a list of other great APPS:…

4. Amber like alert for when people and especially children fall or slip in the water creating a "Londo Alert" in honor of 4 year old London who also drowned. If her family agreed. This will let all know with that one name "people in water need help".

5. Warning signs of high rapid water dangers in words, symbols and Spanish as well as other popular languages. At trailhead and along the path.

6. Solar powered small tablet sized check-in sites for hiker's or bikers so loved ones will know of last location and hiking plans.

8. Highly visible box stations that contain rescue ropes with round life preservers.

7. Automatic Net or Ropes drops under bridges along river.

8.Increase County, Public Works funds for drowning defense spending.

9. Free for Check out and return Healthy Parent Toddler -Children Backpack with Leash

10. Awareness of extra level location and protection devices that are satellite not cell phone tower reliant such as the SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger, you can reach emergency respondents, check-in with family or friends, share GPS coordinates and track your adventures, all at the push of a button for adults

11. For children: AngelSense a proven GPS & Voice-Monitoring solution designed for children and even individuals with special needs

12. Volunteer Bridal Veil Falls Host or Rangers.

13. Putting faces to the warning stations so that the threat of danger is more respected as a clear and present danger. You will see names and dates of those that have died…/father-of-man-who-drowned-while-atte…/

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Sean Zacharey Thayne

Some Video Memories of Sean

1986 - 2017
Sean Thayne, born 8/25/1986 at Fairchild AFB, WA, gave his life trying to rescue a mother and child in the Provo River on May 29, 2017. A loving, brave and selfless man, Sean had a keen mind. At 6'3", he looked over and looked out for his loved ones. Truly a student of the world, he loved to learn and share his knowledge and advice with his family and friends, travel, meet new people and was a gentle but persistent teacher who cared deeply for his family. He believed that every person's life was a gift, and that nothing is ever impossible. Because he respected women greatly, Sean was a protector of his wife, mother, sister and sisters in law. He loved spending time with his father and pulled his brothers into all of his explorations and adventures. He was a self-taught computer programmer, carpenter, and mechanic with a hunger for history and politics. 
He is survived by his wife Xin Li (Poppy) Thayne who he referred to as his walking diamond, his parents Troy and Pauline Thayne, sister Chelcie (James) Gentry, brothers Stephan (Alyssa) Thayne, Kameron (Holly) Thayne and Darien (Rachel) Thayne, father in law Jinbo Li, mother in law Jinju Cheng, sister in law Yang Li, cousin Ming Chen, grandparents Paul & Nadine Lovell, Patricia Sorrells, and Gladys Thayne. He is preceded in death by grandfathers David B. Thayne and Robert Haycock.
A viewing will be held at Broomhead Funeral Home 12600 S 2200 W Riverton UT on Friday June 2, 6-8 pm and Sat 9-10:45. Services start at 11:00 am at Broomhead Funeral Home.